Writing an online dating profile is no easy task. Just ask anyone who has done it, or at least tried. So how do you describe yourself in words? What will keep the readers engaged beyond the first 8 seconds? (Yep, sadly, that’s all the time we have to get and keep their attention.) Read our blog for some valuable information and often, a good laugh!

Polarizing Politics in Dating Profiles

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It’s been a quite a while since I’ve had time to post, but I felt this was an important message worthy of my Sunday “do whatever the heck I want” time. As much as I wanted to do laundry and scoop the dog poop, this blog post took precedence. Let me preface this by saying; I love writing dating profiles and feel very grateful for the interesting and kind people I’ve spoken with these past five years. It’s fun, rewarding and some of my best movie, documentary and book recommendations have come from my clients. It is however hard at...

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Surviving the Single Person’s “Depression Trifecta”

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Surviving the Single Person’s “Depression Trifecta”

  Enjoy this guest blog from writer Robin Jay. As the wife of a police officer, holidays were just another day. I’d stay home with my step-kids while the police officers were busy saving the public from themselves … handling traffic accidents, arresting drunks, and generally doing whatever they could to keep the peace. My job was simply to nut-up and feel I was doing my own small part to help keep the peace. I would spend Christmas watching classic movies and New Year’s Eve watching Johnny Carson or Dick Clark. The world was one big...

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Online Dating Profiles & Politics

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I recently had an experience that suggests the following statement does not apply to the world of Online Dating; “Never discuss politics or religion with people you don’t know.” I began email communication with a handsome, intelligent and seemingly secure man. Under normal circumstances, I don’t spend much time on emails, as I’ve said in the past, a phone conversation then meeting is the only true way to test the chemistry. In his second email, a comment was made in passing that referenced his political convictions. They happen to be...

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New Online Dating Software Allows Men to Cast a Wide Net

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I recently read a press release about new time-saving software for male online daters; “Discerning Women Outsmarted by Crafty Online Dating Software.” I found the content disturbing and the title insulting, to say the least. Men can now search multiple dating sites such as Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, Zoosk and Match with one click. To add insult to injury, instead of writing multiple messages over and over again or copying, pasting (which they shouldn’t be doing at all), it “offers easy to customize message templates” that actually...

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Write Your Online Dating Profile; Now!

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If you find describing yourself in writing a challenge, you’re not alone. Most of my clients said they turned to me for help because they hit a wall. After completing the dating website’s questionnaire, they sat stared at the daunting blank “About Me” field. They typed, deleted; typed, deleted and then thought “I’ll give this another go tomorrow”.   Sound familiar? Some, never even make the attempt. An online dating profile that reads “If you want to know more, contact me”, does not say “oh, a minimalist; how...

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Online Dating Dilemma: When Should You Agree To Meet?

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When do you go for it and plan to meet? More importantly, when do you put the brakes on and politely decline? You’ve been contacted by someone that piques your interest. They have a nice picture, it seems to align with their stated age and they have a great smile (no absence of teeth). They enjoy their career, they’re geographically desirable and you have a remarkable number of common interests. Their profile was well written; you laughed at least once, and it only had one common spelling error. You respond, and after a few email...

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The Science of Online Dating (or Not)

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Algorithm, Schmalgorithm The Science of Online Dating debate is in the news, again. Yesterday, Bloomberg Businessweek published “The Shaky Science of Online Dating” by Drake Bennett. It summarized a new paper written in the current issue of Psychological Science in the Public Interest.  In short, it says if you allow the dating sites to do all the work, you may overlook your ideal partner. Far be it from me to say “I told you so” but…. I said the same thing six years ago in my own online dating profile and again in a...

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Is Your Internet Dating Profile For Sale?

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If you’re using a niche dating website, your online dating profile may be for sale or possibly, it has already been sold. Unfortunately, you may have unknowingly agreed to the transaction. It’s a clause deeply buried in the terms of service that allows them to share your profile with “Affiliate” sites. This article from Betabeat explains how this practice is executed and by whom. Rest assured, if your profile is on one of the larger reputable sites such as Match, Plenty of Fish, Spark.com or OKCupid it is most likely secure. One...

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Take The Profile Quiz: Is Your Profile Working Against You?

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If your answer is “Yes” to one or more of the questions below, your profile may be working against you. Do you reference your past relationships or marriage? Example: “My wife/husband was an alcoholic”; “My partner cheated on me”; I miss my ex but I think I should start dating anyway” Do you begin any sentence with “I hate”; “You must not”; “I won’t tolerate”?    (It’s OK to state what you want or don’t want in your ideal mate. It’s not OK to use demanding or harsh language.) Does your...

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Compatibility Vs. Chemistry

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How do you put compatibility before chemistry? Did someone say “online dating”? If you’ve been online dating for any length of time this will hit home… You read their profile, it looks great, nice picture; you hope it’s not their high school graduation picture. You determine you should meet; the anticipation makes you feel alive. You meet, and within 10 seconds, you know: nothing, nada, zip, zilch, absolutely no chemistry. How could this be? They even liked sky diving and Brussels sprouts. Now, there you are in Vons, squeezing...

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