Writing an online dating profile is no easy task. Just ask anyone who has done it, or at least tried. So how do you describe yourself in words? What will keep the readers engaged beyond the first 8 seconds? (Yep, sadly, that’s all the time we have to get and keep their attention.) Read our blog for some valuable information and often, a good laugh!

Welcome To Dynamic Dating Profiles

Posted by on Feb 6, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

Welcome to the first Dynamic Dating Profile blog. My goal is to help you write a dynamic online dating profile, offer a few guidelines for a successful online dating experience and hopefully make you smile in the process. I’m certainly not here to offer relationship advice; I’ve been divorced twice. That’s like turning to Kim Kardashian for marriage counseling. I have guest bloggers onboard to lend their relationship, divorce and dating expertise. I will be sharing lessons and stories from my years of online dating.  Lesson...

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