I recently had an experience that suggests the following statement does not apply to the world of Online Dating; “Never discuss politics or religion with people you don’t know.”

I began email communication with a handsome, intelligent and seemingly secure man. Under normal circumstances, I don’t spend much time on emails, as I’ve said in the past, a phone conversation then meeting is the only true way to test the chemistry.

In his second email, a comment was made in passing that referenced his political convictions. They happen to be the opposite of mine. Not a problem; simply don’t tell me my beliefs are wrong, and let’s agree to disagree; it can work. I responded with “if we speak, perhaps we should stay away from politics.” I had NO idea the can of worms that comment was about to open. He got on his soapbox and I received quite the rant. In the end, he said he could never date anyone that supports political party X. (No, I am not going to share my politics; I could potentially lose half my readers.)

The Dating Websites ask us for our religion, race, age, sexual preference, height, body type and financials. They even go as far as asking us if we do illegal drugs and own a car (I wasn’t sure how to respond to that one; technically, it’s not mine; I lease) but there’s NO political party box to check. Do they think that’s too personal after they ask us to reveal our W-2’s?

If your convictions are SO strong you cannot date someone of  a different party, I think it’s important to include that in your profile; it will save everyone a lot time and grief. I’m not suggesting a three paragraph political rant; a sentence would suffice. Something like, “I am a Democrat/Republican/Independent and cannot, under any circumstance, date someone from a different party.” Enough said.

While I think such a statement is limiting, it’s also true to one’s self and provides significant insight to the readers.  One of those readers may just share the same strong beliefs. There you have it…. a match made in Heaven DC.

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