Are you KIDDING me?

If your answer is “Yes” to one or more of the questions below, your profile may be working against you.

  • Do you reference your past relationships or marriage? Example: “My wife/husband was an alcoholic”; “My partner cheated on me”; I miss my ex but I think I should start dating anyway”
  • Do you begin any sentence with “I hate”; “You must not”; “I won’t tolerate”?    (It’s OK to state what you want or don’t want in your ideal mate. It’s not OK to use demanding or harsh language.)
  • Does your profile contain sexual innuendos?
  • Are you whining? Example: “I’m so lonely”; “I’ve had my heart broken” or “life’s so hard”.
  • Did you post your profile without checking spelling and grammar?
  • Do you describe yourself with a long string of adjectives? Example: “I’m funny, warm, spontaneous, kind, easy on the eyes, smart and honest”
  • Do you repeat what you’ve already addressed in other sections of your profile? Example: “I like bowling, biking, and the beach”; those should be listed under “hobbies” or “activities”.  I’m 5’6”, average weight with dark hair and blue eyes; you should have a recent picture to serve this purpose.
  • Do you use the phrase “No baggage”?
  • Does your profile read “my friends say I’m good looking” or “I’m told I’m fun to be with”?
  • Is your profile less than 100 words?
  • Is your Profile more than 500 words?

A well written online dating profile works for you. Revisit your profile and see if there are changes you can make to improve your response rate. If you need help, visit our Services Page and click “get started”. If you think your profile may be causing the reaction above, Click Here.

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