If writing dating profiles were an Olympic Sport, you would be a Gold Medalist! Excellent Work.
Thanks much,”


Hi Jodi,

I just wanted to send you an e-mail and let you know that after only having my new profile and pictures up for a couple of weeks that I have met someone. We have been dating for 3 weeks now and recently decided to date exclusively. I think I have found a great relationship. Also, the number of hits on my profile and the number of e-mails I got after reposting everything went up dramatically. I was regularly receiving new e-mails, went out on a couple of dates, and got a lot of compliments on my profile. It really made a difference in the type of people I was attracting. I just wanted to keep you posted and say thank you.”

Best regards,
Donna, MD

Thanks to you, it’s raining men! I’ve netted more fish than I could possibly keep!!! I’ve had to throw a few back but my profile is attracting mostly educated professionals. I’ve been live on POF for less than a week and these are my results: 15 men chose me as their Favorites, 70 want to “Meet Me” and I’ve received 60 emails (with many comments on my GREAT profile). I’ve gone out on 3 first dates/meetings and have a 4th scheduled at the end of this week. You are a mastermind!”
– Ann S. San Diego, CA

I was sending email after email to women and never got a response. I guess my profile was pretty bad. I’ve had my new profile up for a month now and women are actually responding with interest. Now I can reach out and not be embarrassed by my profile. I had a few meetings, nothing serious yet but I think my odds have gotten a lot better thanks to you!”
– Tony M. Baton Rouge, LA

I thought my profile was great until I read your version. My ex-wife said it nailed my personality; who would know better? Thank you.
– Victor Akron, Ohio

My new profile is great! Here are some of the comments I’ve received; ‘What a great profile, I really enjoyed reading it and would love to meet you’; ‘What a great bio’; ‘Thanks for the laughs!’ I met a man recently that said I’m exactly who he thought I’d be. You did a great job!” Thanks.
– Pat M. Boston, MA

“I posted the profile you wrote for me, and received emails from two quality guys (both responded to several items in the profile).  One of them I’ve been seeing for a few weeks and he is a great guy!  So… it worked!  Thank you so much.  You have a real talent. I have now dropped off match, at least for the time being.  If I go back on, I’ll certainly consult with you again.” DN, New Jersey