If you find describing yourself in writing a challenge, you’re not alone. Most of my clients said they turned to me for help because they hit a wall. After completing the dating website’s questionnaire, they sat stared at the daunting blank “About Me” field. They typed, deleted; typed, deleted and then thought “I’ll give this another go tomorrow”.   Sound familiar?

Some, never even make the attempt. An online dating profile that reads “If you want to know more, contact me”, does not say “oh, a minimalist; how interesting”; it screams “LAZY”.  My thoughts; “if that’s all the effort he’s willing to give his online dating profile, I can’t imagine how little would go into dating or a relationship”.

When I see an empty “About Me” or “I’m working on this section, check back later”, chances are good, I will not check back. On occasion, I’ll stumble across those profiles a month or two later and without fail; they’re still “working on it”. It’s best to hide your profile until you have something of substance to say. You never have a second chance to make a  first impression.

So, if you’re serious about finding love; stop procrastinating and start writing!

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Read the profile writing guidelines on your dating website. It’s pretty generic information but won’t point you in the wrong direction. I’ve seen some pretty off-the-wall advice out there (it’s NOT funny to write you murdered your ex and looking for a fresh start).
  • Check out the forums on your dating website; specifically around profile writing.
  • Take a look at your competitors’ profiles for some ideas (I’m not suggesting plagiarism). If you’re worried about seeming weird because you’ve looked at a same-sex profile, browse profiles in another State. Chances are slim they’ll recognize you in the grocery store or you have any mutual friends.
  • Show, don’t tell; rather than writing “I’m funny, kind and charitable”, demonstrate your sense of humor with a funny anecdote and write about your volunteer work.
  • Read my Profile Quiz Blog. It indicates what not to write.
  • Ask a close friend how they would describe you. Maybe they will jog your memory of an adventure; giving you a story to tell that lends insight.
  • And yes, this is a plug… hire a professional to help you write a dynamic dating profile that will standout, highlight your best attributes and increase your response rate.

Remember the old adage “you get back what you put in”. If you’re “About Me” is void of content, get busy!

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